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Videa Jaguar XJR-16 "The Black Beast" Jaguar

"The Black Beast" Jaguar

The Black Beast has a 26 speaker DVD theater TV system, with Alpine amps and speakers. MB Quart speakers and components also grace this cars' interior. It also features custom rims and tires. The rims were custom cut by "Dave Styles" at their Percision Engineering plant. Daves' team had to make the tools from scratch, so that they could do the work. They also manufacture automotive parts for the auto industries 3 major corporations. The Black Beast can cruise at 140mph with a top speed of "OMG." The car is currently in the shop getting a fresher paint and clear coat, and is awaiting graphic work by a nationally known artist. The car is owned by "VAN the Man" the musics' composer, producer and arranger. He is the little kid with the braids and the model featured in the film. I currently own 9 cars, three of which are Jaguars, so I gave him the car when he was 16yrs old, but he has only driven the car rarely because we are planning to give the car to Earl DMX Simmons, the world famous rapper and Movie Star, as a gift for allowing me to teach him the bible. JAG 4 DMX is the campaign for the giveaway. I am a hip hop preacher, but I made my money in construction related services, and realestate. I am giving away all of my cars to make room for my new toy's. I gave my other son another Jaguar that I own, and I gave my mechanic one as a gift for 16 yrs of great service. So, How do you like the car? There is no other Jaguar Sedan like this one. This car also features an engine ...

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