Video - Second part of my Hotwheels Collection

Videa Jaguar XK150 Second part of my Hotwheels Collection

Second part of my Hotwheels Collection

This is part 2 of my hotwheels collection. now I've made a part one showing about 90% of my collection as a whole but at the time the other half was in storage. Well I went there and found the other half!!. I am soo glad I did because I had forgotten that I had some that I thought I didn't. There are atleast 70 cars in this video and I go into great detail on them all which is why the video is soo long. I have 3 versions of the dodge charger SRT8, 2 more versions of the 57 chevy, a cornet super bee,a 69 charger, the ford GT90, Ford GTX, 2 versions of the door slammer,2 mega duty trucks,ford thunderbolt, red line highway hauler. I had forgotten that I had a highway hauler and I am glad I found mine. I even found my redline motor home! also shown is my 69 pontiac GTO, Chevy Nova,VW Golf GTI,1997 F 150, mathcbox CTX truck, mustang corba, mustang GT concept, comarao concept, pontiac firebird T-Top,Buick Grand International, 1987 monte carlo and much much more in part 2 of my hotwheels collection!!

hotwheels, matchbox, diecast cars, dodge charger SRT8, 57 chevy, cornet super bee, 69 charger, ford GT90, Ford GTX, the door slammer, 2 mega duty trucks, ford thunderbolt, red line highway hauler, 69 pontiac GTO, Chevy Nova, VW Golf GTI, 1997 F 150, mathc



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