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Queen's 2003 Jag for sale broadcast footage

At first sight, it seems just another second-hand luxury car for sale, but this Jaguar included some special extras in its day, such as emergency convoy lights and a direct radio link to the British prime minister. That's because the green Daimler V-8 was formerly owned and driven by Britain's Queen Elizabeth between 2001 and 2004. It was specifically built for the British monarch and designed to satisfy all her needs, including a special armrest to accommodate the Queen's handbag. The car, with a list price of $99245 Cdn, was in secure storage at the Jaguar factory until Peter Radcliffe, a specialist memorabilia dealer, bought it. He is now offering it for sale on Delivered to the Royal Family with 3200 test kilometres, the Queen added 19000 more to the clock. © Copyright (c) The Edmonton Journal.

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