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Thought it was about time that there was a video on here that shows the best of Plymouth for a change. When the sun shines, it's actually not a bad place to live. Yes it may be 10 years behind most other places... but, that's part of its charm ! Located in Devon in the South West of England, Plymouth is busting with history. Home of the largest Navy base in Europe. The strating point of the Pilgrim Fathers famous voyage on to discover the new lands of America. Home of Sir Francis Drake, Captain Robert Falcon Scott and Sir Walter Raleigh to name but a few. With Plmouth Sound and the sea beyond to the south, Dartmoor to the North. With the beaches and amazing countyside of Devon and Cornwall only a stones throw away, Plymouth is a great place to be in, on or near the water in the great outdoors. Dispite all the negatives I'm proud of my little City by the Sound. Shot this summer, here are just a selection of the best bits. Enjoy !

Plymouth, Devon, England, UK, Hoe, Barbican, Smeaton's, Tower, Lighthouse, Observation, Wheel, Fireworks, Sound, Sea, Tamar, Plym, Drake



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