Video - Part 8 - Applying Whitening Shampoo

Videa Jaguar 420 Part 8 - Applying Whitening Shampoo

Part 8 - Applying Whitening Shampoo

Nothing new here, just a repeat of the basic shampooing but we are now using one of the "dedicated dog shampoos". More repetition, care and time but if you do this and allow the time needed for it to "work" the whitening shampoo will really make the whites "pop". While in the group line-up one time the handler of a particularly nice Shetland Sheepdog right behind me asked me how I got Virgil's coat so white that it "gleamed". Well now you know the process -- at least up to this point. Are you ready to continue? Virgil awaits.

Old English Sheepdog, Bobtail, grooming, bathing, drying, Dog



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