Video - Part 10 - Beginning Final Rinse

Videa Jaguar 420 Part 10 - Beginning Final Rinse

Part 10 - Beginning Final Rinse

Now comes the real effort and water use. Time to get all this conditioner and any possibly remaining shampoo out of the dogs coat, completely out. Absolutely completely out. Did I say completely -- as in absolutely every last drop of it? It doesn't matter if you are using "people" shampoo or even a dedicated "dog" shampoo, all of it has to come out. This is essential for skin health, continued cleanliness (leave anything in the coat and it will trap dirt and the coat will quickly become dirty again) and for easy and speed of drying the coat. Any shampoo or conditioner residue can cause skin irritation and any remaining conditioner oils will make the drying process much more difficult and time consuming. Neither eventuality is desired or acceptable.

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