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My own personal Junkyard

I bought three cars off of an old guy, (FULL STORY BELOW) and towed them to my house, I'm going to sell the 1958 no doubt, and trying to keep the other two and restore them. We ended up selling them though because my neighbor is a jerk and he called the county on us for having junk cars. PG County, one of the highest murder rate counties in the country is spending money on yelling at people for their cars, does that seem right? This old guy lived in the town where my dad worked all his life, born, lived and died in the same house. When my dad first started working there seeing the cars as an eyesore he demanded to see the paperwork and prove that they were indeed legal. Able to present the papers, the old man and his brother continued to abuse these beautiful pieces of machinery over the next 20-30 years. Sitting under tarps, rotting, trees falling on them, being infested with mice and growing moss and mold on top of them. The mans brother passed about 3 years ago and he was recently found dying within his house after the mail started to pile up. He was admitted to a nursing home which is still currently taking care of him as far as i know. His neighbor then was deemed the power of attorney and given rights over his property. My dad being aware of the situation, notified my neighbor and wanted to see if he would front the transactions to avoid any legal or ethic problems. After two weeks of anticipation the generous woman sold us the cars and they were towed to our house ...

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