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Motivation Music x Jaguar XJ

Video Credit: Jaguar © All rights reserved - Music Credit: Gary Garlow, MotivationMusic © 2012 All rights reserved The Producer's Vision: There is no doubt that the Jaguar XJ is a gentlemen's car. From a gangster's get away vehicle of choice to the classic luxury sedan you see today. It has every luxury aspect a car should have combined with an engine that lives up to the name. Jaguar is know for marketing to a mature audience but with the new enhanced design of the XJ, it seems like it will be attracting attention from every generation. Jaguar's style expresses a combination of elegance with dominance and I felt that the original commercial was not very convincing. This is not for the individual looking for success, this is success...and the XJ is how you prove it. I found the original commercial extremely boring. Jaguar needs to invest more advertising dollars and market to the new generation of Jag owners or maybe invest in the right person to do it for them ;) 510hp and 0-100kph in 4.9s! That is enough to say it needed a more catchy, bass driven feel to this animal. I produced this beat using all original sounds from scratch without any existing loops or samples. The sound effects are mixed and edited from my sound bank and not extracted from the original video. If you have any questions on software and equipment I use, feel free to drop a comment. Check out Motivation Music x Lamborghini Gary Garlow @GCGarlow Producer & Engineer Motivation Music ...

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