Video - Mk6 VW Golf GTI Driving Video

Videa Jaguar MK5 Mk6 VW Golf GTI Driving Video

Mk6 VW Golf GTI Driving Video

Exclusive footage taken during the International Launch of the Mk6 VW Golf GTI for US journalists in US-spec cars. With a GoPro camera mounted on the front bumper of one GTI, a VW Product Development guy chased our car through the infamous Col de Vence in South of France. The footage is slightly raw and the sound is distorted by the wind buffeting but speeds of up to 120mph were achieved on these tight, twisting roads. And notice the Jaguar XFR parked on the side of the road on our first pass, that is stopped in the middle of a dangerous corner on the return. This was a video crew getting footage for the launch of the car without regard for other road users who might be enjoying the curves cut out of the rock! The latest GTI is phenomenal on these type of roads, where its new electronic differential works wonders

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