Video - MelbourneCowboys Group Break Proof!

Videa Jaguar Group 44 MelbourneCowboys Group Break Proof!

MelbourneCowboys Group Break Proof!

Video #3 proof is up! First, if you cannot view the 6 cards because of youtube lag, check the photobucket proof! Second the video clearly shows Proof that a 6th card was present! This was the proof everyone wanted. You be the Judge if there were 6 cards! LOOK CLOSE AT THE 5:44 mark, I STOPPED THE VIDEO SO YOU CAN CLEARLY COUNT THE CARDS HERE IS A BLOWUP PICTURE OF THE 6 CARDS WITH HIS FINGERS ON THEM. MORE VIDEOS WITH PROOF TO COME! Here is a step by step camera capture of the break: AND THEN FINALLY THE CLEAR PROOF THAT 6 CARDS WERE PRESENT!

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