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Videa Jaguar D-type Maintaining The Brand -- JAGtechnic

Maintaining The Brand -- JAGtechnic

Filmed and produced for by http 1956 JAGUAR D-TYPE 'LONG NOSE' 393 RW We are proud to include amongst our many customers the Jaguar Heritage Trust. Our workshop was entrusted by the Browns Lane based Jaguar Heritage Trust to undertake the engine rebuild of their treasured 1956 Mike Hawthorn D-Type. Still to this day the car is owned by Jaguar and speculated to be valued in the region of seven million pounds. Following the completion of the engine rebuild, we were requested to prepare the car for inclusion in the 2011 Mille Miglia, a historic 1000 mile time trial race which takes place on the public high roads of Italy. We were also very privileged to have been asked to represent the Jaguar team as part of the official Jaguar Support Team on the event.

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