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Videa Jaguar Lynx LC3 Jaguar Gameplay - LA - Solo

LC3 Jaguar Gameplay - LA - Solo

Ive seen people ask a few things about this weapon, so I wanted to show people what this gun is like when fully cert'd (advanced laser, red dot reflex, suppressor, NO SOFT AMMO). The LC3 Jag is the perfect gun for people who like to CQC at ranges up to 25 yards. It has no horizontal bullet spread while hip or ADS, and has very little vertical. Its slower rate of fire makes it slightly weaker than the LC2 Lynx at CQC under 8 yards. Anything over 8 yards, and the LC3 beats the LC2. Filmed by: Puckos | TR | Ceres EU Recruitment side not: I am on the lookout for good infantry team mates. If your excellent, and are looking for like minded and high skilled players, I want you. TR Ceres EU



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