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Jaguar Xk180 Stills,Moving and Rev

Jaguar Xk180 at Terenure Irish Classic & Vintage Motor Show From the Jaguar press release Inspired by the great Jaguar roadsters of the fifties and sixties, the Jaguar XK180 was hand-built in the company's Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) workshops at Browns Lane in Coventry. Although not intended for production, the concept car is based on a shortened version of the supercharged XKR convertible, which was introduced earlier this year. The all-new bodywork, hand-made in aluminium, follows a styling theme that combines influences from past Jaguars with completely modern styling. The AJ-V8 power unit is modified to produce 450 horsepower and the brakes, wheels and suspension are upgraded to match the engine's performance. A system of fingertip gear-selection by controls mounted on the steering-wheel, developed by Jaguar specially for this project. The detailed attention paid to the car's mechanical specification underscores Jaguar's philosophy that concept cars should not be just static showpieces but fully engineered vehicles. Many of the engineering features incorporated into XK180 have been road and track tested on a fully instrumented engineering prototype. The lines of the car are the work of Keith Helfet, a senior designer at Jaguar and best known for his work on the XJ 220. Helfet's brief was to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the introduction of the XK series and he drew Influences from a range of XK-powered machines, notably the D-Type. The result combines ...

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