Video - Jaguar XK 150 DHC S - 1959 Roadster

Videa Jaguar XK150 Jaguar XK 150 DHC S - 1959 Roadster

Jaguar XK 150 DHC S - 1959 Roadster

Performance Direct were lucky enough to spend the day with this beautiful classic, this 1959 Jaguar XK 150 DHC 'S' Spec convertible roadster. Under the bonnet a 3.8 Litre, Straight six cylinder engine produces 265 bhp which is enough to propel it from 0-60 mph in 7 seconds and right up to a top speed of 137 mph. This particular version has had some rather tender and thoughtful work completed upon it as the engine has been tuned and runs on unleaded fuel. Uprated Koni suspension, upgraded breaks and a Getrag five speed gearbox all help this car to more easily cope with the rigours of modern motoring. If you would also like to drive this wonderful classic please contact our friends at the Classic Car Club - London. For those seeking classic car insurance contact Performance Direct for a competitive quote.

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