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Jaguar XJ Ultimate 2013 Exterior And Interior

The Jaguar has launched the Beijing Motor Show 2012, the XJ Ultimate, the setting so unique as to make the car more luxurious in the history of the English house. It is based on the version of the XJ long wheelbase and features a variety of gadgets and comforts typical example of the best private jet (hence why the official photos of the combination). The main new features are preserved and the interior, to want to be more precise, the best is reserved for the two rear seats. The center console, leather covered, it continues throughout the interior and a rear bench seat has two single seats. The two passengers can alienate completely relying on their driver from driving and enjoy all the comfort. For them there is a wide range of possibilities between the two-way power seats, independent control of the air conditioning system and massage functions and lumbar support. At the touch of a button dedicated to extracting a small table in aluminum with chrome and glossy black finish, which are matched well with black interior. To try not to disappoint the target customers to whom it is addressed this very special Jaguar XJ is also provided for the presence of a refrigerated compartment in which to keep a bottle of champagne along with a couple of flute. Inside the two front headrests are inserted two LCD screens, combined with wireless headphones or speakers Meridian 20 form a complete entertainment system. And if all this is not sufficient, in the front seat backs were also two ...



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