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Jaguar XJ Ultimate

JAGUAR XJ ULTIMATE The XJ Ultimate represents the pinnacle of the luxurious, innovative XJ experience with heightened levels of opulence for rear-seat passengers Two individually tailored rear seats are trimmed in semi-aniline premium natural leather with power adjustment and recline, lumbar support, massage function and climate controls A rear business table, machined from solid aluminium with piano black trim, powers into position at the touch of a button A pair of bespoke champagne flutes resides in a dedicated storage area beneath the powered table A champagne chiller between the rear seats cools the bottle to the perfect temperature and automatically presents it when the cabinet is opened A full-length, leather-trimmed centre console features phosphor blue accent lighting and stowage areas to extend the car's business usability Each rear-seat passenger is provided with an iPad® and keyboard, housed and charged in dedicated leather-trimmed docks in the rear of the front seats A 15-channel, 20-speaker surround sound system engineered specifically for the XJ by British audio specialistsMeridiangives an unparalleled audiophile listening experience Rear-seat entertainment package with twin headrest-mounted screens and wireless headphones Exclusive interior finishes including Herringbone veneer, machined aluminium and bespoke LED lighting To underline its purpose in ensuring that passengers remain cosseted at all times, the XJ Ultimate features revisions to the suspension ...

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