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Jaguar XF Sportbrake Exclusive Video by Auto Express

The trend toward ever more practical vehicles continued overnight, with Jaguar releasing images of the new XF-based Sportbrake. In times past, when wealthy folk needed an upmarket vehicle for the estate, the tastefully modified, coachbuilt practical upmarket vehicles were referred to as "shooting brakes." The Jaguar is unquestionably a "brake" - a slightly longer, far-more-practical XF with an advanced eight-speed auto and self-leveling air suspension, earmarking it as a potential tow vehicle for those who need to drag horse-floats to the polo, take the boat with them, relocate the entourage and the like. The Sportbrake will offer a range of diesel engines from a 2.2 liter four through to a 3.0 liter six, each driving the rear wheels via an advanced eight-speed automatic gearbox. Jaguar claims that the handling characteristics of the XF have been duplicated with the longer and heavier Sportbrake, which means you'd best tie things down tightly in the back, because the XF is a very sporty beast in the swervery. Technologically, the car is an XF in most respects and no doubt will carve a handsome niche with this upmarket but versatile variant. This article written by:

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