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Videa Jaguar XF Jaguar XF saloon 2007 - 2011 review - CarBuyer

Jaguar XF saloon 2007 - 2011 review - CarBuyer

Jaguar XF saloon 2014 review:

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Good to look at and even better to drive, the Jaguar XF is everything a top British luxury car should be. Its leather-trimmed interior is wonderfully detailed, and a world away from the dark, sombre cabins of many Audis and BMWs. Refined and well equipped, we say it's one of the best executive cars money can buy. The range is limited, though. The 3.0 V6 diesel engine is the top-seller, although the V6 petrol engine is cheaper to buy - but it's less powerful and economical. High-performance V8 petrol and supercharged XFR variants offer incredible pace and for their performance, reasonable economy.

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