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Jaguar XF - Drifitng

Challenging convention and setting its own rules, the new Jaguar XF fuses the style and performance of a sports car with the refinement, space and sophistication of a luxury saloon. This is the beginning of a new era for Jaguar. The new XF: a dramatic expression of a bold new Jaguar design language, with a driving experience that exceeds expectations created by the striking appearance: relaxed and confident, with outstanding ability and control. Resolutely true to the Jaguar philosophy of creating Beautiful, Fast cars, the XF goes further, adding a new dimension to the marque. The four-door XF has the visual excitement of a coupe, but room inside for five adults to enjoy an interior wholly contemporary in style yet uniquely Jaguar. As well as space, the new XF's interior ambience is enriched by crafted, luxurious materials, sophisticated instruments and calm interior mood lighting. Engineering excellence and attention to detail mean the XF's interior matches the best-in-class for refinement, while Jaguar's intelligent use of technology and driver-friendly Touch-screen controls add new layers of comfort and ease of use.

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