Video - Jaguar Mk2 - without Spitfire MultiSpark HT Ignition Lead - RUBBISH

Videa Jaguar MK 2 Jaguar Mk2 - without Spitfire MultiSpark HT Ignition Lead - RUBBISH

Jaguar Mk2 - without Spitfire MultiSpark HT Ignition Lead - RUBBISH

RUBBISH --- RUBBISH --- RUBBISH --- RUBBISH This video shows the standard ignition setup without the Spitfire MultiSpark fitted. I bought this Spitfire MultiSpark ignition lead at a classic car show out of curiosity. It's supposed to enhance the existing ignition system. I know a thing or two about ignition systems and I couldn't see how the claimed 5 sparks were being generated on the display rig at the exhibition stand. So I thought I would try it out at home as the vendor said I could get my money back if I wasn't happy with it. The video isn't focused well enough to show that when the Spitfire MultiSpark was installed it only produced one instead of the five claimed sparks per firing. This thing is RUBBISH. I sent it back and got a refund ... ... ... eventually! Don't waste your money on this Spitfire MultiSpark if you see it at one of the motoring exhibitions or on an auction website. The vendor says that the rattling noise from within the Spitfire MultiSpark is caused by some bearing that wizzes around when the HT voltage passes through the device .... RUBBISH. It's there just to make the thing sound like it's doing something. In reality it adds nothing to the operation of the device. The Spitfire MultiSpark is simply a good quality silicone lead with a break introduced into it. It works on the principle that such a gap increases the voltage build-up before the spark is discharged which is supposed to enhance the spark intensity at the spark plug. This is something ...

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