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jaguar e-type racing

My dad and I with the '71 e-type jaguar 4.2 coupé on the "xk-days 2007" in holland. The meeting took place on the oval in Lelystad (holland). We did an couple of sprints and slaloms and a couple of laps on the oval (wich is almost frightening, much more intens than on the video, hence the nois) At the sprints you had to start at the start line(of course) and get as fast as possible to the finish line (bussines as usual till now, i presume), but!, you had to stop at the finish line ,with the line between your front and back wheels, so there was plenty of tire squeel and smoke. The car runs on three double webbers (in the video they have the small needles and nozzles, they used to have bigger ones, but then it would run like 4 km to the litre), and has a custom exhaust. It has al relatively long diff in this video too, for the same reason it has the carbs detuned :motorway economy. 1st gear goes to 70km/u, 2e to 130, 3th to 170, and 4th to 210+. 0-100 will be like 7 sec. In the video you can also see Norman Dewis (ex-test pilot of jaguar) do a sprint in a xk. great day :)

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