Video - Jaguar CX-75 - Paris Auto Show 2010

Videa Jaguar C-XF Jaguar CX-75 - Paris Auto Show 2010

Jaguar CX-75 - Paris Auto Show 2010

Special Paris Auto Show 2010! This is one of the biggest hits of this Paris Auto Show 2010! The new Jaguar CX-75! This amazing light-grey supercar is the legitimate heir of the magnificent XJ220, that was getting kind of old. Look at those razor-rims and curvy lines... it's as modern and classic at the same time! Very nice move from Jaguar. The public was seduced by this luxury supercar that puts to shame some of the Ferraris and Lamborghini... or am I going too far? ;) Follow me on Facebook : Visit my blog : Music by Kevin MacLeod ( Title: Robo-Western. Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" Enjoy! - ALEX

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