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The C-X75 is a proper, old-school supercar in performance terms, but wholly contemporary in execution. A 145 kW (195bhp) electric motor in each wheel provides propulsion, with a centrally mounted battery pack. What differentiates the C-X75 from currently available electric cars is its range-extending capability, achieved via a pair of micro turbines. These compress air to drive a generator that produces electrical current and recharges the lithium-ion battery pack. Jaguar claims a theoretical range of 560 miles, including 68 miles of electric running (with zero tailpipe emissions). A full recharge from a domestic supply takes six hours. With 780bhp and 1180lb ft of torque, the C-X75 has a top speed of 205mph, with 0-62mph acceleration in 3.4 seconds. When the turbines are running, CO2 emissions are just 28g/km. The built-in four-wheel-drive system provides all the grip and traction necessary for such a high-performance car, without the weight and power loss inherent in conventional mechanical set-ups. Aluminium is used for body and chassis and, inside, it's simultaneously minimalist and luxurious.

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