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Jaguar C-X75 cluster display

This is an animation I did for the cluster display on the Jaguar concept car 2010 I put the animation in a photo taken by Evo magazine as a bit of fun. The overall theme of the gauges are inspired by the phosphor blue/green gauges seen in jet fighters. The gauges are gimbals. The left gauge displays the speed. The right gauge in drive mode is influenced by Bremont watches. Which, if you've ever held a Bremont, they are absolutely gorgeous. I think they're nicer than Rolex. When you change your car settings for the Vmax run the right hand dial changes to a power gauge. In the Vmax run both jet turbines fire up and the chaplets on the outside of both gauges light up sequentially to signify the turbines are working. This project was so much fun to work on. If you'd like to see more of my work have a look at

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