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Videa Jaguar TWR Heroes of Bathurst Goodwood 02072010.wmv

Heroes of Bathurst Goodwood 02072010.wmv

Goodwood FoS 2010, Class 08 "50 Years of Bathurst's Great Race". Shaun Lynn in the '64 Bob Jane / George Reynolds winning Ford Lotus Cortina Mk1, Norman Rutherford in '77 Allan Moffat / Jacky Ickx winning Ford Falcon XC GS500, '82 winning Peter Brock / Larry Perkins Holden Commodore VH, '85 winning John Goss / Armin Hahne Jaguar XJS TWR, Andy Lloyd in '88 2nd place John Bowe Ford Sierra RS500, and Laurence Kalnin in '95 winning Larry Perkins / Russell Ingall Holden Commodore VR. This was shot on Friday in the Cathedral paddock, just before Peter Champion stacked the Commodore VH into the straw bales at Molecombe, after he went for second gear and got fourth. D'oh!

Bathurst, Holden, Commodore, VR, Ford, Falcon, XC, GS500, TWR, Jaguar, XJS, Moffat



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