Video - [HD] Jaguar XJ220 in Detail!! |1080p

Videa Jaguar XJ220 [HD] Jaguar XJ220 in Detail!! |1080p

[HD] Jaguar XJ220 in Detail!! |1080p

In this exciting video, Nick has recorded the elegant sleek looking Jaguar XJ220!! The XJ220, is a Jag from the early 90's, with only 281 units produced! This car is simply brilliant! Every angle you look at, you will find curves all around, for the aerodynamics. Under the hood, is a 3.5L Twin-Turbocharged V6, generating 542hp! The XJ220, had a marvelous record of top speed with 227mph on a straight away! This was the fastest car in the WORLD, until McLaren had brought the F1... So please rate, comment, fave, or Sub! Enjoy!

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