Video - Giveaway that Gives Back! (CLOSED)

Videa Jaguar Lynx Giveaway that Gives Back! (CLOSED)

Giveaway that Gives Back! (CLOSED)

*NOTE* Music: Lucifer by SHINee, I do not own any rights to this song. RULES: (Giveaway ends March 26th, 2011 @ 11:59 PM EST.) **If you are a friend on Facebook you can enter on there if you do not have a YouTube account. You may enter only once.** 1. Must be a subscriber 2. Favorite and Like this video 3.Leave a comment about which animal you wish to "adopt". 4. Please enter only once! 5. Please encourage others to give back when they can! Enjoy guys and Good Luck! :) ANIMALS TO CHOOSE FROM: Tiger Polar Bear Panda Sea Turtle Amur Leopard Gray Wolf Pygmy Elephant Snow Leopard Emperor Penguin Dolphin Barn Owl River Otter Atlantic Puffin Brown Pelican Meerkat Arctic Hare Blue-footed Booby Sea Otter Black-footed Ferret Orangutan Prairie Dog Gorilla Black Jaguar Arctic Fox Koala Darwin's Fox Snowy Owl Chimpanzee Giraffe Przewalski's Horse Cheetah Eagle Manatee Ring-tailed Lemur African Wild Dog Frog Grizzly Bear Tasmanian Devil Red Panda Three-toed Sloth Jaguar Lynx Harbor Seal Duck-billed Platypus Moose Giant Tortoise Beaver Great White Shark Red Fox Vampire Bat Lion Monarch Butterfly Blue Whale Emperor Tamarin Rockhopper Penguin Hippopotamus Okapi Bison Horned Puffin Sumatran Rhino Tarsier Wolverine Clouded Leopard Orca Whale Beluga Whale Sulphur-crested Cockatoo Douc Monkey Warthog Zebra Red-footed Booby Kangaroo Leopard Bonobo Seahorse Proboscis Monkey Humpback Whale Wombat Macaw Whale Shark Anaconda Clown Fish Golden Lion Tamarin Cougar Spectacled Bear Walrus Emerald ...

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