Video - fastest land animal in the world Incredible hanting

Videa Jaguar Lynx fastest land animal in the world Incredible hanting

fastest land animal in the world Incredible hanting

Asiatic cheetah status in iran The Iranian Cheetah is now also known as the Asiatic Cheetah, as the world's last few are known to survive mostly in Iran. Although recently presumed to be extinct in India, it was famous by the name of Hunting-Leopard, a name derived from the ones that were kept in captivity in large numbers by the persian royalty to hunt in wild with.the Asiatic Cheetah is a rare critically endangered subspecies of the Cheetah found today only in Iran latest research shows that only 70 to 100 Asiatic Cheetahs are estimated to remain, most of them in Iran. This is the result of continuous field surveys, all of which have been verified by the results of more than 12000 nights of camera trapping inside its fragmented Iranian desert habitats during the past 10 years. The Asiatic Cheetah, the Eurasian Lynx and the Persian Leopard are the only remaining species of large cats in Iran today with the once common Caspian Tiger having already been driven to extinction in the last century; though recent genetic study has proven the Caspian to be genetically identical to the contemporary Siberian tiger, hinting that habitat fragmentation had separated the two subspecies within the last century. "today iranian Cheetah iranian" Iran Amazing Cool Very Special Best Funny Great Good Cheetah Tiger Cat Big Lion Hunting Zoo Animals Wildlife Nice Lions Safari Nature fastest animal kill hunt sprint africa savannah crocodile Cheetahs dogs cat sexy sex porn Kavir National Park ...

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