Video - Daimler V8 Saloon test drive

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Daimler V8 Saloon test drive

This is my 1967 Daimler saloon, a 45 year old British classic. A back to basics restoration was carried out by the previous owner and I have made a few mods too. The car attracts attention wherever it goes and many people tell me their nostalgic memories of cherished cars. I share a wistful affection for anything of good purpose and quality. SPEC: 2.5 litre hemi V8 engine, twin SU carbuettors, original manual 5 speed gearbox (factory fitted by Jaguar in Coventry), leather trim, wood dashboard, silver wire hubs, disc brakes on all 4 wheels (front calipers are 4 pot, rear 2 pot). PS "Feeling Good" recorded by me and the wife.



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