Video - Daimler Double-Six Coupé 1978

Videa Jaguar Daimler Daimler Double-Six Coupé 1978

Daimler Double-Six Coupé 1978

iPhone 4G 32GB HD video of 1st start up of the mighty V12 engine of a Daimler Double-Six Coupe after being stood idle for around 8 years. The fuel injectors have all been refurbished and flow pattern tested and fitted with Bio 100 grade fuel hoses, new coil, fuel pump and battery fitted, and all the old fuel has been drained out and replaced with new. The original Lucas Opus ignition has been upgraded with the installation of a Re-Opus H system, which replaces both the ignition amplifier board and pick up module. This was the preferred upgrade, as it uses the original aluminium amplifier housing, and is positioned in the valley of the V. Video & pictures courtesy of Costa Tropical Properties CB e-mail: Tel. No's: +34 627 359 672/+34 627 130 734.

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