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Crazy Supercar Car Park

Facebook: Twitter: Car Blog: My Vlogs ------------------------------------------ INFO BELOW! ------------------------------------------ Camera: Sony CX700 Location: Donington Park What a stunning display of cars in one small car park; from legends like the Porsche 959 and Audi Quattro to the latest Ferrari 458 Italia and Lamborghini Aventador with so much inbetween. The gathering was part of the Supercar Driver March Secret Meet and some other highlights present include: Aston Maritn V12 Vantage Ferrari 430 Scuderia Bentley Continental GTC ISR Maserati MC Stradale Ferrari FF Audi R8 GT RUF CTR3 Lamborghini Diablo Mercedes CLK DTM Avro Ford GT 720 Mirage Jaguar XJ13 And so much more, all to the constant drone of cars blitzing around the Donington Park circuit. What would be your pick? Filmed as part of the SCD March Secret Meet; an event organised for members of - if you own a supercar, why not join now? Thanks for watching, Tim

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