Video - Camaros and Trans Am vs many

Videa Jaguar XK-SS Camaros and Trans Am vs many

Camaros and Trans Am vs many

Some cruising and racing (at the track and elsewhere) with some FBODYs versus 1999 SVT Lightning (stock) 2006 E55 AMG (Stage 3 RENNtech) 2003 C5 Z06 (stock) 1997 Jaguar XK8 (stock) 2003 350Z supercharged 1999 Camaro SS (i/e/tune) I do not own rights to any music in the video. All rights to the original Artists.

camaro, trans am, lt1, ls1, fbody, high speed, compilation, racing, driving, burnout, e55, amg, stage3, renntech, SVT, Lightning, EVO, mustang, 5.0, jaguar, XK8



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