Video - AtariVision 1 (Part 2)

Videa Jaguar Lynx AtariVision 1 (Part 2)

AtariVision 1 (Part 2)

AtariVision was to be a monthly/bi-monthly video release filled with prototype videos, Atari-related event videos, reviews, etc. etc.... in short, just a bunch of interesting Atari stuff. This 2nd part starts of with the Jaguar USA Up all Night... which I recorded on VHS back in 1995 during the Aliens movie on USA networks. Followed by that is some Atari 800 8-bit artwork that was created between 1984-1987? between Ben Davis High School and South Wayne Jr. High. A demo on the Jaguar by Symmetry of TNG with some added music to keep the flow of things.... Finishing it all off with the amazing looking Alpine Games preview for the Atari Lynx by Duranik! ( pink panther, commodore, james bond 007, desert, super tuner pioneer, unicent, archon, buck shot, budweiser, white spy, dennis the menace, conan, spiderman, karate, benchley, popeye, pluto, woody woodpecker )

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