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Videa Jaguar SS 100 Asianwolf's SS-100 Wireless Camera Detector 100mhz - 3GHz from

Asianwolf's SS-100 Wireless Camera Detector 100mhz - 3GHz from This is Asianwolf's SS-100 Wireless Camera Detector. This device can be used to detect any wireless signals in your vicinity. http This amazing unit easily locates hidden Wireless Cameras using this handy RF detector, which detects from 100 mhz -3 GHz. The working range is 0-10 meters. It also has a built-in power source of 12V. To use this unit simply press and hold the yellow button and begin your search. When the cyan light begins to illuminate it indicates that it is picking up the hidden wireless spy cams. The brighter the cyan light gets the closer you are to finding your target. The Wireless Camera Detector can be used in several different cases and scenarios where you fear a wireless pinhole camera may be watching you. It can be used for safety during a meeting, like a business negotiation or a contract signing or to check if there is a pin-hole video camera in a hotel, a restaurant, a public toilet, or a changing room. It can also be used to protect the safety of your own home. If you feel like a neighbor or even a stranger may be watching you and knows every move that you make, this device is perfect for you. This wireless camera detector also includes this stylish and sleek hard case for maximum protection. The dimensions of this unit are 68mm x 48mm x 18mm. For more information please contact us at 1-800-282-1351.

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