Video - A Video Game Lap @ LeMans.

Videa Jaguar XJR-9 Le Mans A Video Game Lap @ LeMans.

A Video Game Lap @ LeMans.

This is me driving the Jaguar XJR9 LM V12 Prototype at the Le Mans Circuit prior to the changes made after the Dunlop Bridge. I actually set a new "Lap Record" on this run which is a replay of a game played earlier. The game is "LeMans 24 Hours" developed by Infogrames "ATARI" and is quite old (2001), it is,however, very realistic, and the graphics/physics are very impresive. I used a Toshiba Laptop, driving by keyboard. AI 98% auto braking. I control 100% of steering/throttle.I also used a manual transmission. The replecation of various World famous Road Racing Circuits is identical to the last detail.

lemans, France



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