Video - 5 Guys Run

Videa Jaguar XJR-5 5 Guys Run

5 Guys Run

A bunch of us decided to go for a leisurely cruise after the Bimmer Meet to go get some 5 Guys a Burger and Fries and had a little fun. (This was all taken place on a closed course in Nigeria) The Mustang GT is modded with: BBK CAI, 75MM Throttle Body, C&L Intake Plenum, BBK Catted X-pipe, MAC Cat Back, Short Shifter, 3.73 Gears, and a tune. The Black 330i has just exhaust I believe. SexJR is bone stock. 318ti has s50 engine with headers and 3.73 gears. 2005 M3 is bone stock SMG

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