Video - 2013 Jaguar XJ AWD debuts in a snow dome in New York

Videa Jaguar XJ-3.S. 2013 Jaguar XJ AWD debuts in a snow dome in New York

2013 Jaguar XJ AWD debuts in a snow dome in New York

( ) The 2013 Jaguar XJ and XJL just got a set of sharper claws in the form of a new all-wheel-drive system. At the New York press debut of the revamped car, Jaguar also got a Hollywood hand showing off the luxury car with the help of two cast members from NBC's 30 Rock sitcom. Tracy Morgan and Jane Krakowski added some TV star power to help Jaguar unveil their new AWD ride. Jaguar says that the XJ's AWD system sends power primarily to the rear wheels but when the wheels start slipping, the XJ can send up to 50 percent of the engine's power and torque to the front wheels. What's more the system also pre-loads the front wheels under acceleration to help avoid from wheel slip. All-wheel-drive will be available on both the standard and long wheel-based models with the base 2013 car starting at $77575. Jaguar is also adding a new supercharged 3.0L V-6 to the XJ's powerplant lineup that produce 340 hp and 332 lb-ft of torque. The new engine will also be available of the XF. Perhaps most interesting of all the new V-6 engine will come with a fuel saving start system, as well as a new ZF eight-speed automatic transmission.

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