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2012 Jaguar XJL

Transmission and speed All 2010 models of the Jaguar XJ include standard six-speed automatic transmission with Jaguar Sequential Shift carried over from the previous car, the main change being steering wheel paddles rather than the "J" gate. The car has an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph.[11][12] [edit] Chassis The XJ features a lightweight aluminium floorpan & body (with 50% recycled material content) based on the X350 chassis and retaining a proportion of the earlier floor pan. The biggest change is reversion to steel coil springs for the front suspension, retaining air suspension for the rear only. Continuously variable damping electronically controlled as before but with driver selectable modes.[13] The aluminum alloy uni-body makes the XJL among the lightest of the full-size luxury sedans despite its exterior proportions, weighing in at 4131 lb (1874 kg), which is 245 lb (111 kg) lighter than the mid-size/executive BMW 550i.[10] [edit] Equipment Driver information and entertainment is provided by a Bowers & Wilkins 1200-watt, 20-speaker Dolby 7.1 surround-sound system [5] and a bi-directional touch screen display - on which the driver can only see the vehicle functions (and satellite navigation data), but a front passenger can simultaneously view a DVD movie or a television transmission.[13] Standard equipment levels on the United States-spec XJL with the base engine includes a panoramic dual-pane moonroof, lane-departure warning, navigation, quad-zone ...

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