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2012 Jaguar XF review by ETNOW Jaguar has commenced the bookings of Jaguar XF facelift sedan in India. The new Jaguar XF with refreshed contours is already being offered in foreign countries. However, Jaguar which is in synergy with Land Rover and togetherly owned by Tata Motors in India, has not officially launched Jaguar XF facelift sedan in India. The alterations to the car are basically cosmetic visible both on the exterior as well as on the interiors of the new Jaguar XF. In the front, the thin headlights are tweaked and seem to be inspired from the ones on the flagship Jaguar XJ saloon. The sweeping new grille gives a more prominent look at the front end of Jaguar XF facelift. The front bumper has been restyled to go with the updated styling. Moving towards the rear, the tail light is slightly redesigned. The new Jaguar XF runs on a 3.0 litre V6 diesel engine that puts out 275 Ps of maximum power and 600 Nm torque which allows the luxury saloon to accelerates from 0-100 kmph in under 6 sec.

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