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2011 Jaguar XKR Special Edition

You know that cat? It's not only out of the bag, but the bag has been beaten, robbed and burned to a crisp. Translation: Jaguar is bringing a brawny, hopped-up version of its XKR to Geneva. Dubbed the XKR Special Edition, this Jag is actually a combo platter of two other XKR specials. Still with us? Good. Let's start with the first two. For 2011, the supercharged, 510-horsepower XKR will be available with a Speed Pack. What's it do? The Speed Pack raises the bad kitty's top speed from 155 mph to 174 mph (both speeds are electronically limited). Then there's the Black Pack that, besides being fun to say, is an appearance package for the already pretty good looking XKR. Should you opt for the Black Pack, you get gloss black 20-inch Kalimnos wheels, gloss black chrome grille and side vents, red brake calipers and a body-colored aero-kit. You can even go for an "XKR" graphic on the side sills (we'd advise against that last bit). Rather than calling the two combined packages "Black Speed," Jaguar is instead calling the whole megillah the XKR Special Edition.

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