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2010 Jaguar XKR 75

An exclusive Jaguar XKR 75 makes its debut at the 2010 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Jaguar Land Rover CEO, Dr Ralf Speth, initiated the challenge to the Jaguar engineering team to construct an XKR to celebrate Jaguar's 75th anniversary, which would deliver a combination of enhanced performance, superb chassis and steering control and grip levels to inspire the driving enthusiast to explore the true potential of the XKR's capabilities. Mike O'Driscoll, managing director, Jaguar Cars, said "The Jaguar XKR 75 will provide owners with exclusivity, excitement and a hint of Jaguar's great heritage. This is a fitting way to celebrate the sporting credentials of the XK marque in the 75th year of the Jaguar name", he continued. Jaguar engineers increased the power and torque of the acclaimed 5.0-litre supercharged engine to 530PS and 655Nm respectively for the Jaguar XKR 75, to deliver truly outstanding performance. While the limited edition model's top speed is electronically limited to 174mph (280km/h), the Jaguar XKR 75's 0-60mph (100km/h) acceleration time is reduced from 4.6 to 4.4 seconds compared to the standard 510 PS XKR. Using the rigid lightweight aluminium architecture of the XK as a solid foundation, the increased power of the Jaguar XKR 75 is matched by an agile, dynamic chassis that handles supremely, rides exceptionally well and stops with surefooted reassurance time after time

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