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Videa Jaguar X-type 2004 JAGUAR , X-Type 3.0

2004 JAGUAR , X-Type 3.0

Doing the rear disc brakes/rotors.Unbolt the 13mm bold on the top,the bottom is a 10mm screwed on to a round rubber or you can use a 13mm wrench,after that pry out the caliper secure it then take off the pads or if you doing the rotors unbolt the 2,14mm bolts that holds the bracket the the rotor will come off also compress the piston back into the caliper using a special disc brake tool the ones with the small round shape circle with 2 notch on it,this type is not the press in type.You have the turn it while pressing it into the caliper piston bore.Put everything back in the reverse order and thats it.

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