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Videa Jaguar XJ40 1993 Jaguar XJ6, For sale!

1993 Jaguar XJ6, For sale!

I don't want to do it but life has made other plans for me now. Yes its time for me to part with my baby. Ive been the proud owner of this fine machine for 7 years but life has other plans for me. Well lets get to the details,,, First my beautiful XJ6 is a very graceful swan not a piece of crap. I am the 3rd owner and all of the service documents have been past down to me since from the previous owners. Believe it or not she runs better then most new cars, A inline 4.0 6 cylinder that's as strong as an ox. She presently have 144000 mile on the clock. If anyone is interested please message me on Facebook.(

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