Video - 1992 Lime Rock IMSA Prototype Race Memorial Day

Videa Jaguar XJR-14 1992 Lime Rock IMSA Prototype Race Memorial Day

1992 Lime Rock IMSA Prototype Race Memorial Day

The cars seen in this amateur video I shot are the IMSA Prototypes from the 1992 Lime Rock Memorial Day Race. The last scene features the start of the Formula Mazda support race and all that that implies... These are the top qualifiers and who was driving what: Row One Davy Jones Jaguar XJR-14 (Pole position with a new track record of 126.043 mph) Juan M. Fangio II (99) Toyota Eagle Mk-III Row 2 PJJones (98) Toyota Eagle Mk-III Chip Robinson (83) Nissan NPT Row 3 Wayne Taylor Chevrolet Spice Price Cobb (77) Mazda RX-792P Row 4 Pete Halsmer (78) Mazda RX-792P Oscar Laurrauri (7) Porsche 962 Eighteen cars started the race on a cool (65F) overcast day which was excellent turbo weather and Fangio in the high tech Toyota led Jones in the Jaguar at the start of the race. Jones passed after a few laps and never looked back, until he crashed hard coming onto the main straight off the diving turn and parked the million dollar Jag for the day. It wasn't even his fault, something broke on the car. The race was eventually won by Fangio in the #99 Toyota with Chip Robinson in the #83 Nissan taking 2nd and Pete Halsmer and Price Cobb taking 3rd and 4th in the #78 and #77 Mazdas. There are a lot of scenes featuring the two Mazda's bacause I liked how they looked and sounded. The soundtrack is from a GREAT obscure 1980 Metromen album. To see a version of this video without music click here... For more on Lime Rock Park..... For more on the Metromen ...

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