Video - 1989 - Le Mans - Patrick Tambay spin

Videa Jaguar XJR-9 Le Mans 1989 - Le Mans - Patrick Tambay spin

1989 - Le Mans - Patrick Tambay spin

The surviving Jaguars had been given the nod by Tom Walkinshaw; go for it, and see what you can do! With nothing to lose, both were flying. Tambay now well feeling well in the groove, was running in convoy with Alain Ferte at around 9.30am. Both nearly came unstuck when Patrick had a spectacular 360 degrees spin just before Tetre Rouge, forcing Ferte to shut his eyes and lock his brakes, but disaster was averted. A sheepish Tambay pitted and handed back to Andrew GIlbert-Scott unaware that the faux pas had been relayed to the pits on live TV, and to the fans on the giant screen at the Ford Chicane...

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