Video - 1985 Xj6 Jaguar Sovereign Wedding Car driving

Videa Jaguar XJ-3.S. 1985 Xj6 Jaguar Sovereign Wedding Car driving

1985 Xj6 Jaguar Sovereign Wedding Car driving

1985 Jaguar Sovereign, Driving, exterior shots, Interior shots, and some night shots. The Jaguar Xj6 Series 3 was made from 1979 to 1987, the Engine is a 4.2 litre twin cam and fuel injected, it produces 205 Bhp and close to that figure in Torque. The engine originated in 1948 when it was used in 3.4 litre form in the Xk 120 2 door sport saloon which had a top speed of 120 Mph hence the Xk 120! Then came the Xk140 and the Xk 150, which was replaced by the E type Jaguar which also used the Xk engine in 3.8 litre. The 1985 Jaguar series 3 was still using the E type jag rear end, and ofcoarse the Xk engine that jaguar used for nearly 40 years! Series 3 cars are well built, for example "Bessie" runs the origional transmission which has had nothing done to it exept new fluid, her engine is also original and is just starting to show it's 26 years of operation and will soon have the head reconditioned. Bessie has travelled 226000 Km without major failure, and has been the most reliable car I have owned! In the 6 years we have owned her, I estimate over 6000 starts and the original starter motor lasted 24 or so years! The Xj6 Jaguar is often put down in Australia, said to be unreliable, an oil burner, an oil leaker, this put me off buying one for years, it's simply not true, Bessie burns almost no oil and almost no leaks, our Holden Apollo [Toyota Camry] 1995 model had the head done at 13 years of age , leaks oil badly and burns a lot too, great car but just goes to show you! I ...

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