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1967 Jaguar E-Type 2+2 Hardtop

Rare Jaguar. 1967' E-type 2+2 hardtop with factory rear seat. 4.2 L straight six with original 3 SU carbs. This one is a real European version, except that it was special ordered with left hand drive. The car is in Kmh as I mentioned already and is showing 50155 KM (roughly 30000 original miles). It has original knock off spinners for easy wheel changes, which were later made illegal in the United States I was told. The car was ordered brand new in 67' by my friend's father. His father can tell you more info on this car than I can. He went over to Brussels and purchased the vehicle brand new from the Jaguar dealer lot for $6700 and had it shipped to New York after being discharged from the military. The car has the original manual printed in French and warranty card proving ownership. The car has been stored in the garage out of the rain. BODY HAS NO RUST OR ROT, ANOTHER RARITY. The doors close solid and so does the bonnet. Leather interior is the original one and will be preserved for new owner. The headliner is in great condition as well as door panels and vinyl step panels. Original CA black plates still on car This car will be sold after more work is completed. This is the real deal folks!! Stay tuned. If you are a serious buyer interested in purchasing this beautiful piece of motoring history, please message me. I will respond to all messages in a timely manner.



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