Jaguar XJ40 Insignia

Modely Jaguar XJ40 Insignia

Jaguar XJ40 Insignia

Model: XJ40 (1986 - 1994)

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In 1992, when Jaguar closed the DS420 Limo shop, all the craftsmen were left standing idle. Jaguar devised "Insignia": a bespoke service for the XJ40/XJ81 (see below) and XJS, where prospective owners could specify special paint, trim, wood and wheels at additional cost in any given combination. 318 XJ40 Insignias were produced, most of them can be identified by the oblong gold-on-black "Insignia" badges on the front wings, and by their above-standard interiors. All of the interior trim was done in leather (two-tone colouring being an option), opposed to the leather-vinyl combinations used on regular-spec cars. Special paint colours were introduced for the Insignia: Mahogany, Amethyst Blue, Mineral Green, Primrose Pearl, Crystal Blue, Saturn Orange, Peppermint, Sandstone, White Pearl and Lavender. A number of Insignias were put onto the Jaguar demo fleet to do the round of the dealerships to show all the options available in the Insignia line.

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