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Asi se začnu přiklánět k X308 a V8

Fórum XJ-X308 Asi se začnu přiklánět k X308 a V8

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2008-09-16 18:16:14

Jistá výhoda X308 je jeho motor V8 a jeho možnost koupě náhradních dílů od LEGA, (viz odkaz) cha cha



Working Lego V8, 32 valve engine  |  Více info

Working (electronic) V8 engine made from Lego Technic.

This is not a Lego set I completely designed and build it myself. There is about 300 hours of work in this model. Enjoy!

For pictures and building instructions check out this link

Look at the readme icon for more information about the build.

The parts list made by Blakbird. His parts list isn't completely accurate. It is the parts list of my V8 build by Blakbird and he has made some modifications.

Blakbird's Part list

Parts can be bought on www.bricklink.com, calling Lego-service or via Lego Pick a Brick on

I just want to point out that some yellow parts are very difficult to get right now. Unless you own set 8457 Technic Power Puller, you can make it in yellow, otherwise you have to build one in an other color.

2008-09-16 20:41:29

No to je na mně moc..

2008-09-16 20:45:50

pekny :)

a co teprve malinkata v12 ... a jak je krasne pruzna a pekne si brbla , pan co to konstruoval je asi docela frajer

(viz přiložené video)

V 12 Modellmotor RC Engine the original Video !  |  Více info

  • Testrun- this is the original Video from the owner;topspeed 6000RPM;6-8 HP--87 ccm -has got the whole Engine

for further Information please go to my websitte - -

I do read all your coments - thank You